Pet Photography

Our pets, they mean the world to us don’t they! Over the years I’ve learnt the art of patience and for good reason, good pictures rarely come in an instant when photographing pets. That’s why my service lasts as long as necessary to ensure I’ve captured your pet’s unique behavior and characteristics on camera.

The way the sessions work

You have a choice to either opt for a studio pet session or a natural pet session. This is personal preference

Studio Pet sessions

I use a variety of backdrops depending on the colour and behavior of the pet. I have plenty of space to play games, tempt jumps and perform tricks.
You can bring your pets personal props along to gain the most from the experience, making your pets’ shoot special and unique.
Depending on the personality of your pet I’ll try some relaxed sitting/laying images along with some creative viewpoints and some action shots allowing for a diverse range of capture.
Pet studio shoots generally last around 30 minutes to an hour, it just depends on how comfortable the pet is in the surroundings.

Natural Pet sessions

If you prefer to see your pet out in the open, then this is the option for you
Depending on the pet and what you are looking for I recommend the familiarity of your own garden, favored park, country house or estate. Scenic lakes, rivers and fields are also great locations to get the most out of your pictures.
I’ll arrive at your home or stated location and spend as long as we both deem necessary to capture some intimate and beautiful images of your pet.

People and Pets

Many people also like to have their family portrait taken with their pet, whether it’s in the studio or out on location getting the pet involved in your family photo always adds an element of excitement and individuality to the final product.

What to bring

Whether you’re coming to the studio or having a natural pet shoot, bring some toys, maybe some treats to tempt them once in a while!