Granary Estates wedding photographer – Rosie & Sam

Granary Estate Wedding Photographer

Kristianstad Where do I start with Rosie & Sam’s stunning countryside wedding at The Granary Estate? This couple are beautiful inside and out. It was evident they had so much love surrounding them from friends and family; which really makes my job easy. Everywhere I turned there was laughter and beaming smiles to capture; the atmosphere that day was just infectious.

A stunning wedding ceremony

The ceremony had everything: intimacy, humour and love.

I had a cracking time with the bridal party who where up for a good old laugh. I must admit that the more alcohol they consumed, the more adventurous they became, making for some brilliant photographs.

Rosie maintained her sweet, elegant persona throughout the day. She looked flawless and that surprise dress change… he didn’t see that coming!

Love always wins


I remember so many sweet moments throughout the day and all the special intricate touches that made this wedding so unique.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it

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Granary estate wedding photographer, granary estate wedding photography

Granary Estates wedding photographer


Granary Estates wedding photographer