New born baby photography in Peterborough

Salou I have the facilities at the studio for the perfect new born baby photographs. I can either use natural light depending on the conditions outside or studio lighting to capture your bundle of joy in the most beautiful of ways.

worriedly I use a variety of backdrops and props dependant on your requirements. The main aim with new born babies is to have them comfortable and happy in a particular position for a short while, then gradually change things around to suit their mood. They’re usually happiest when they are asleep at that buy antibiotics for urine infection tender age, so I recommend feeding them or doing what you feel is best to make them sleepy before you come to the studio. They are also easier to move and change when they are asleep. But obviously this can’t be controlled and each baby will react differently in a new environment. Patience is key; expect to be in the studio for roughly 1-1.5 hours.


Here are some examples of New born baby photography at the studioNB2 NB3 NB6 NB8 NB33 NB39