Greetham Valley Wedding Photography – Beccy & Jamie

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ivermectin (stromectol) where to buy What a fantastic wedding day at Greetham Valley. I visited Beccy early morning to capture some pre wedding getting ready pictures, she was amazingly calm and relaxed. Greetham valleys rooms are great for window light so i took advantage of this for the prep photography. The morning raced by and it was soon time for the wedding ceremony. The registrar’s allow you to take pictures throughout the ceremony which is always lovely, this way i can capture every intimate moment. Some deep and meaningful words were exchanged and before long they were married. The fun continued throughout the day and i was always kept busy with my camera, photographing the bride and groom, group pictures, the little ones charging about and also a spot of golf….

After a lovely meal and fantastic speeches we were lucky to get outside; the dying sun looked stunning over the rolling hills of rutland.

The nights entertainment begun, and Jamie’s dad’s dance floor antics proved to be very popular,

Lovely wedding couple, all the best for the future.