South Farm Royston Wedding Photography – Sally & Stu

Hajīn Sally’s father owned a farm only a stones throw away from South Farm in Royston so the whole family were well acquainted with the owners, a lovely personal touch on the day. I must admit I haven’t seen a bride put such attention to detail into their wedding day, every nook and cranny was decorated with some sort of rustic accessory, everywhere I turned there was something new to gaze upon and admire before I composed a picture. Although saying that I also haven’t seen a bride whiz around so fast and frantically on the morning of the wedding, trying to make sure everything was set in place just how she had in her mind. After 3 hours of morning madness everything looked wonderful and the bride could turn her attention to making herself look wonderful.

South Farm has a lovely bridal suit for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready, plenty of space and window light to capture some great pre-wedding photographs. You have the option of an outside ceremony or an inside one. Of course if the weather permits the outside choice must be popular, but in early April the safest option is inside. The ceremony was moving, the tears of happiness flowed and the loving vows were said.

buy the stars lyrics Straight after the wedding ceremony you have a large order antibiotics online for chlamydia group photo in the courtyard. The grounds of South Farm allow you to make use of the greenery for group photographs. The general vibe of this location is great, I managed to photograph many of the guest just enjoying themselves. South Farm always strikes me as a lovely, unique venue, which pays extra attention to detail to make the bride, groom and guests happy. I always admire the variety of flowers and plants that are tended to daily. Each corner of the venue is great for wedding photographs. For a wedding photographer its a great wedding venue to get your artistic juices flowing.

Congratulations to Sally and Stuart, all the best for the future.

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