Newborn Baby Photography in Peterborough – Chester

Kangdong-ŭp Little, yes rather little chester arrived quite early into the world, not long after his birth Natalie and Nick were keen to get some newborn photographs of their little angel. To be honest Chester was a little angle he slept throughout the studio session and only woke near the end, which proved quite useful for some family pictures. We managed 4 or 5 different poses and set ups which is quite good going. I normally try and get as many variations into the studio shoot as possible, but it was hard to move Chester as he looked so cute and content in that little bucket.

final de namoro mensagem Not all newborn babies are so co-operative, my newborn baby photography studio shoots take roughly one and a half hours, and in that time i try to take as many photographs as possible, the best advice i can give is don’t expect too much from your little one. Give them a good feed before you come and hopefully they will be sleepy and drift of quickly.

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