Bedinghams Farm Barn wedding photography – EJ & Jacob

buy Pregabalin online usa I loved this wedding for so many reasons and I literally had to drag myself away at the end of the night. It always helps when the bride and groom are awesome, the wedding venue is quirky and rustic, and to add to that you’re treated to one of the best sunsets of the year.

online pharmacy isotretinoin It all started in the small village of Stilton. EJ already looked stunning and she was only half way through hair and make up. Once all the final touches were applied, her wedding gown and headdress complimented her style perfectly. The wedding ceremony took place at Huntingdon town hall, a beautifully kept building with impressive features adding a touch of grandeur to the service.

meilleurs sites gay Jacob looked slightly nervous, the big deep breaths and constant gulps of water gave that away. Although he had some of the cutest flower girls dancing and giggling around his ankles to take his mind of the more important things to come.

EJ pulled up in a beautiful classic car with her father; they both had beaming smiles and faces full of excitement. All guests were seated in anticipation and Jacob was waiting patiently at the end of the aisle for his wife to be.

The whole room fell silent in awe as EJ made her way down the aisle. It was a lovely service, with plenty of emotion and a touch of humour, I particularly enjoyed the moment when the two flower girls joined the registrars at the front, it almost felt as though they were conducting the service themselves, such a great moment.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom were greeted by a confetti shower and after some time to mingle the crowds gathered to wave them off down the road as the new Mr & Mrs Grace.

I arrived at Bedinghams Farm in Ely and was really impressed with the venue. It has great options for photography with plenty of rural fields nearby, just what I like. I spent much of the day making use of some quirky hotspots around the grounds. The wedding day really flowed and panned out perfectly; all the guests were happy soaking up the sun and catching up on old and new stories. The lawn games went down a treat, not only did they keep the kids entertained but the adults too; as the alcohol consumption increased so did the difficulty of the contests, great action to capture.

I took EJ and Jacob off to a nearby field, during a point in the day where there were some really epic cloud effects that I wanted to capture. They both warmed to the camera so well, which made for some lovely pictures.

Time was flying by and the speeches were upon us, they where greeted with rapturous applause, again the flower girls added a touch of humour, they where both such fantastic characters. For their wedding breakfast they had some incredible Nigerian food. This added a real touch of spice to the menu.

I anticipated there would be a nice sunset, but I didn’t quite anticipate how nice. For 15 minutes the sky lit up with an amazing array of warm tones, finally setting to a fiery contrast of reds, purples and oranges. This must have been one of the best sunsets I’d seen.  We all just took a moment to appreciate how beautiful this moment was and it made for some beautiful photographs.

Back to the dance floor for the first dance and crazy antics that lasted long into the night. From start to finish the wedding was a real blast and a pleasure to photograph. Thank you both for having me as your photographer!

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