Exton Chapel & Barnsdale Lodge wedding photography – Julia & Gavin

Sondrio I was so excited to be photographing Julia & Gavin’s wedding day at the stunning Exton Chapel and Barnsdale Lodge. We got to know each other on their engagement shoot and from what they had told me about their plans I anticipated it being a great day.

order generic Lyrica I met up with Julia and her family early morning and went about capturing all the special moments during Julia’s bridal prep; all the girls were bubbling with excitement, although I could tell Julia was feeling slightly nervous. But she looked stunning in her wedding gown and her make up complimented her style perfectly.

http://jamiehale.co.uk/unisom-and-alzheimers I arrived at Exton Chapel in good time to marvel at the impressive grounds and capture the groom’s arrival. Gavin was in good sprits and looked keen to get the service underway.

where to buy modafinil singapore Julia and her Dad arrived in a classic vintage car and in this setting it looked stunning. The sun was shinning with blue skies above.

Julia was so nervous but she managed to gather her composure as she made her way down the aisle. It was a memorable and beautiful service.

After the ceremony the bride and groom where greeted to a shower of confetti and had some time to mingle in the courtyard. I remember one cool little dude capturing my eye, he was such a poser. I spent some time with the bridal party taking advantage of the gorgeous grounds around Exton Estate then we made our way to Barnsdale Lodge.

The day was playing out just perfectly, it was such a relaxed and joyous atmosphere. Before we knew it the speeches and food were over and it was onto the evening reception to create more great memories with family and friends.

I managed to sneak the newlyweds off for some priceless bride and groom time. There are lovely options around Barnsdale lodge, so we made full use of the grounds.

What a fantastic wedding day from start to finish .

Here are a few of the highlights

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