Barnsdale lodge Wedding Photography – Steph and Kev It was a beautiful morning and as I drove past Rutland water the sun was glistening of the surface of the water. It looked so peaceful. I was planning to take the bride and groom back to that spot in the evening, hopefully there would be a sunset to look forward to as well.

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Steph was getting ready in one of the many rooms at Barnsdale lodge and she seemed very relaxed and calm so I left her to finish her preparations and went next door to the bridesmaids room. Things were a little more lively in there so I took a few pictures of them all together in their lovely bridesmaid wedding gowns. They all seemed like a fun loving bunch of girls, I immediately got the impression this was going to be an awesome wedding day.


I took the time to photograph all of Steph’s accessories and the finer details of the day; I do love capturing all the little details for my clients.


I photographed a few natural light photos of Steph once her hair and make-up was complete, she looked beautiful, such a stunningl bride.


I left the girls to get ready into their dresses and headed to the courtyard where I found Kev and his groomsmen. He had the biggest, beaming smile on his face, and I could tell he was charged with excitement he just couldn’t contain himself. They were great group of guys to work with.


Back to the bride and she looked stunning, her dress suited her perfectly. All of a sudden it seemed to dawn on her she was getting married and the emotions started to overflow, she had mum there for support and there was some priceless interaction between them both. I love taking a step back and watching the emotions unfold, whilst being able to capture those precious moments.

The bridesmaids also looked beautiful in their glittering, gold gowns.

A knock on the door signalled it was time to leave for the ceremony and the walk down through the courtyard was just as emotional, there were plenty of deep breaths and attempts at composing herself. She was doing a good job keeping it all together.


As I made my way inside I wasn’t surprised to see the same level of emotion on Kev’s face, a pack of tissues or two might be needed I thought to myself.


As anticipated the ceremony was packed with tears, laughter, loving vowels and so much more. It was so emotionally intense at times I felt like sheading a tear myself. It was truly a beautiful service.


After the ceremony it felt like a weight had been lifted and everyone could let their hair down and have some fun. Their twins made an appearance soon after the service too, such cute kids. They were hard to photograph as they didn’t stay still for a second, but I enjoyed the challenge. It was great to see all the wedding party mingling in the courtyard and I went about my business capturing candid reportage images along with a mixture of group shots.


Before we went inside for the wedding breakfast I took the bridal party aside for a few moments to photograph them altogether, they all seemed to enjoy the experience. Lots of giggles and great big smiles. Then we had a little time to spend just the 3 of us so we took the chance to have a wonder around the grounds of Barnsdale lodge, there are some lovely spots in the area.


During the wedding breakfast the twins were outside charging around so I took it upon myself to try and capture some natural images of them both.


Time for the speeches and as anticipated they were emotional too, but also with a great deal of humour, good work all around.


I was keeping one eye the weather and the sky was starting to change to a wonderful orange hue, so a quick drive down to the shore of Rutland water and we were in the midst of a beautiful sunset, a perfect way to see the night in.


But the wedding wasn’t finished yet so we headed back for the first dance and the dance floor was soon packed, some memorable dance moves spring to mind.


Before I left I organised a sparkler photo with all of the guests out side the front of Barnsdale lodge, now that was the perfect way to take my leave.


A thoroughly enjoyable wedding day, and I wish Steph and Kev all the best for their future together.


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