Haycock & Marholm church wedding Photography – Vicky & Alex

buy modafinil in london I met the bride to be at the Haycock in Wansford Peterborough. She was finishing off her hair and make up as I arrived. Each seat was occupied by a bridesmaid also getting the same pre-wedding treatment. I tend to arrive between 2-4 hours before the wedding ceremony, this allows me enough time to capture all the morning prep – laughter, tears and commotion.

College Station The Haycock in Wansford’s bridal suits are lovely, great window light and plenty of space for everyone to get ready. Once everyone was dressed a quick glass of champagne then off to one of the most prettiest churches in Peterborough – Marholm church.

Laudio / Llodio Alex and his groomsmen where there long before me, all sticking to their duties. If theres time i like to photograph the groom and he’s groomsmen before they enter church. Alex was quite a comical guy, very laid backed and always had a smile on his face.

http://playboytvshows.com/swing_ath d= Vicky the bride arrived in good time, which always pleases the vicar. She too looked extremely buy rabbit antibiotics calm and couldn’t wait for the service to begin. I was allowed to take pictures from the back of the church so i managed to capture every little detail during the service. Which was quite a lively service – dancing, singing, tears and joy.

Arriving back at the haycock, i was my usual busy self, trying to capture as much candid images as possible, whilst arranging group photos and more.

The whole day ran smoothly, apart from the point where the groom thought he’d lost his wedding ring on our stroll around the grounds of the haycock, but sure enough it turned up – next to the sink in the toilettes…

Lovely wedding day, all the best for the future

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