Normanton Church and Normanton Park Hotel Wedding Photography – Sarah & Ben

Sahāranpur As a Rutland based wedding photographer it’s always nice to photograph weddings on my local patch. But first I dropped into Sarah’s home to photograph her bridal preparations. She had a full house, but all was calm and organized. The girls were in good spirit as the laughter filled the rooms. In no time all the hair and make up was finished and it was time to get ready into her wedding dress.

Kanchanaburi Sarah looked wonderful in her wedding dress and she had such a beaming smile.

We had a few family and bridesmaid photos in the garden before we left for Normanton Church in Rutland.

It was slightly breezy when we arrived at Normanton, although this all added to the fun. As everyone held onto the hats and skirts we hastened into the service.

It was a beautiful service and I was able to capture all the emotion as it unfolded discreetly from the front.

Due to the slightly forceful breeze the wedding guest didn’t hang around Normanton Church for long, most headed to Normanton Park hotel for a welcome drink, although I did keep back the bridal party for some fun photographs. Ben is a keen American Football player so naturally the American football made an appearance.

Once back at Normanton Park hotel the bride and groom had some time to mingle with friends before we got stuck into the group photos. Sarah had some great friends and family buy pet antibiotics online which made the group photos run smoothly.

Before we knew it was time to head inside for the wedding breakfast. But first the speeches. Which all went down extremely well. I took a few hours to recharge the batteries, and then back into the thick of things. Towards the late evening I took the bride and groom for a walk back towards Normanton church to photograph them in the low light, we just managed to see the sun pop out for a brief few minutes, enough time to capture some lovely pictures.

I stayed long into the evening to capture the drama on the dance floor as it unfolded.

A beautiful wedding day, all the best for the future

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