William Cecil Wedding Photography – Elaine & Andy

Grimma It was a pleasant drive from my home in Oakham to the William Cecil in Stamford, the fields and skyline looked beautiful and dramatic and I hoped we would be in for a special day, not only to celebrate Elaine and Andy’s wedding but also when it came to the lighting. We were not disappointed…..

http://thehistoryhacker.com/wp1 I met Elaine early in the morning during her bridal preparations at the William Cecil, the bridal suite there has some lovely window light and a good space to work in. Everyone was buzzing with excitement and Elaine was keen for me to photograph as many details as possible, she was particularly keen for me to capture her little girl, so I started the process of making friends with the children

http://solent-art.co.uk/category/paintings/subject/urban/ In no time the bride and bridal party had finished their hair and make up and everyone was ready to make their way to the ceremony room in the William Cecil. I always enjoy photographing the father of the bride reaction when he she’s his daughter for the first time, its priceless.

Andy was patiently waiting along with his groomsmen keeping him occupied and soon enough the moment arrived where he would see his bride walk down the aisle, but leading the precession was his cute daughter. He had a beaming smile from ear to ear. The service was full of laughter and sentiment, a lovely mix of emotions.

Due to the rain showers I was keen to get all the group photos finished as soon as possible, but I was also aware I needed to let the day flow, there’s always a fine line between being too pushy as a photographer, you have to respect that the bride and groom buy antibiotics london also want time to reflect and mingle with guests.

Typically down came a rain shower half way through the group pictures, but this didn’t stop the high sprits of Elaine and Andy, they were keen to get back out as soon as the rain had passed. They both were a pleasure to work with and took my advice whenever I saw a good photographic opportunity. We took a romantic walk around the grounds of the William Cecil, there’s a lovely loop that provides great photographic scope.

After the speeches and first dance I kept a close eye on the weather, I anticipated it would be worth taking a short drive to a near by field and when I saw a rainbow start to appear I said this is an opportunity not to be missed, braving a rain shower and standing in a wet field I have to say they both deserved their rainbow picture. The sun effects where some of the best I had ever seen, we then drove a little higher to look down over Stamford, we were treated to a wonderful sunset and some glorious light.

It was then back to the William Cecil for a good old dance and some sparkler pictures to finish.

Wonderful wedding day

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